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9000: Upper Brookville, NY, 27 miles from NYC, FILM FRIENDLY, beautiful grounds,  in zone, manicured lawns, 20 ft ceilings & more....

Le Chateau des Thons had already been the setting of one of the great romances of 18th century French history. Built in 1640, near Dijon, it was home to famed French philosopher and writer Voltaire.  In 1926, Mr. Barney (of what is now Salomon, Smith, Barney) used his considerable clout to persuade the French authorities to permit him to buy the Chateau, which he then proceeded to dismantle then sent across the Atlantic by private steamship.On arrival, the Chateau was painstakingly reassembled on 7 lush acres in Upper Brookville, where its peaked fairytale roof, classical fountains, and soaring ivy-covered twin towers still stand in all their original splendor.


1    No use of bedrooms or upper floors of mansion

2    Kitchen is always off limits

3    Dining room may be used for shooting and for dining ( table to be covered ) but may not be used for production due to glass

4    Courtyard is off limits for staging, but may be used for shooting

5    Staging: may use front hall entrance, small bathroom main floor

6    Generator is mandatory, very old electric in the house ( cannot plug anything into outlets in house )

7    Rooms used for shooting that are pre-authorized are the petite salon and grand salon and exteriors

8    Pool closes Sept 1st every year and re-opens memorial day

9    The horse and car in photos does not belong to the location

10    Motorhome is Mandatory

11    If smoking outside, all butts must be picked up and taken away

12    Permits required for all film shoots

13    Porta potties are recommended for large crews, only bathroom available is very small and old plumbing


Important; As of March 2013

House has been sold, we do apologize





New Images as of Jan. 2010











Petite SALON


















  kitchen off limits unless approved in advance





Bedrooms bathrooms and hallways upstairs all off limits unless approved in advance and decor has been changed as of Mar 2011 ( new images soon )












Photo Shoot 2008




winter shots







fountain does not work














old images


















Images as of Jan 26, 2009



































kitchen is off limits




master bedroom is off limits, once in a while, a shot may be permitted, must discuss per shoot ( and all decor is now changed as of Mar 2011 )



if use approved for bathroom, no water in tub, leaks into dining room
















driveway June 2007







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large yard

stone terrace



dark in side


parquet floors

dark floors

stone walls


mirrored room

French doors

wall paper

leopard print stairs

stainless steel kitchen

claw foot tub